Global Awareness Assiciation

Global Awareness Assiciation

Healing Events und Synchronized Humanity Tour


How would it be if all the people in the world would have a common vision? If we would meet and appreciate each other as partners in the development of humanity to its highest and most beautiful potential? Nobody consciously chooses war, poverty or environmental pollution. Is it not our deepest desire to let the emerging global village on this planet grow into a well-functioning and sustainable community, a supportive and mutually nourishing family? Just imagine what would be possible if this would become true!

Synchronized Humanity

There is a phenomenon that has been noticed and explored more and more during the last few years, the so-called collective intelligence. As soon as a group of people reaches a certain level of coherence and synchronization, a higher level of order, wisdom and creativity emerges. In other words, if and when individual people tune into each other—if they step back from the level of their personality to focus on a common goal—a vision of the future or something in the present moment, something special or extraordinary, happens: the group becomes an antenna for a higher intelligence that is way beyond that of the intelligence of each individual person. A huge potential suddenly appears in the space between us. Who has not experienced this before? A team that rises to unexpected heights; in sports, in dance, in a movie, in a company…. The abilities of the individual person grow exponentially. Everything seems to flow together in an optimum way. The system starts to organise itself to serve the whole system.

So far these have been occasional peak experiences of some groups. What if this phenomenon would expand more and more and we as humanity would have access to this higher wisdom and higher levels of consciousness? What kind of a world would that be, in which the sum total of our actions would not be directed against the Earth, but would be in tune with the needs of everybody?

Most people want exactly this. Why are we then, in spite of this, creating a world the way it is today? Is it because the majority of our wishes and motives are too short-sighted and egocentric? Our individual perspective is limited and consists of only a tiny part of the whole. Nevertheless, we consider our truth to be the only valid truth and we think we are the centre of the universe. It is not always easy to let go of the focus on our personal wellbeing, our wishes and anxieties, to expand to a common Us.

In order to stabilise the phenomenon of synchronisation in a larger context, a stronger interlinking of our perspectives will be helpful. The more we understand each other, the more we allow other people’s perception or interpretation of reality besides our own and are able to integrate it, the higher will be the intelligence that emerges. The key to this precious space between us is our readiness to get involved with each other, to meet in an authentic and open way, to feel more deeply and perceive each other more consciously.

The Global Awareness Association e.V. has been set up as a not-for-profit organisation with the goal to initiate projects and events that explore and further this new quality of connectedness within the framework of the Synchronised Humanity Tour. At the same time we want to use the concentrated power of synchronised fields of consciousness for healing and integration.

“Synchronization happens when many people are willing to feel more deeply and connect more deeply. This way, a higher intensity and a higher coherence happens in the field of consciousness. Through this higher intensity this group of people has a better access to levels of consciousness that are beyond conscious awareness. This higher level of  consciousness  has the power of insight. What that means is that if we have a problem and we look at it from the level of the problem, we can not see it. We are caught in it and therefore we can not  see it clearly. But if we look at it from a higher level, we can better see the dynamics that are happening and therefore we can better integrate them. We can compare the higher consciousness with a higher point of view from which we can recognize the theme on a, lets say, earlier level of development. And this influence of light or superconscious power has a strong healing power.”
(Thomas Hübl)

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